May 2016, São Paulo! Isadora Duncan Intensive with Janaea Rose Lyn

An intensive study of Isadora Duncan's philosophy and technique with 3rd-generation Duncan Dancer Janaea Rose-Lyn.  This is a special intensive in Brazil, which consists of a workshop weekend in São Paulo, followed by a performance and filming weekend at Casa Musa, on the north coast beaches of São Paulo.

The theme of the workshop is "Undertow - Isadora's Waves of Meaning and Symbol" and will be translated into Portuguese by me.  If you are a Duncan dancer around the world and interested in coming to Brazil to participate in "Undertow", please send me an email at or

Arquivo anexo

(Raheesha Majma) "We so want you to come back to our Majma family soon!"    (Michelle Gozzi, UK) "Thank you for your fabulous workshops, Paola - so much fun, passion, and energy!"    (Sacha Newman, UK) "Paola, your workshop on the Four Elements has provided me with so much inspiration!"    (Amanda Brett, UK) "Your workshops were AMAZING! Can't wait for the e-book!"    (Kaitlyn Hines, NYC) Thank you to Paola Blanton for her amazing Balkanic Explosion workshop today! It was such a pleasure to have the music and movement broken down so clearly, and to get to know Balkan dance better. I can't wait to do more in the future!