Vasalisa - Seeking the Intuitive Flame

A collaboration between the Arts of Dance, Song and Music.  My dear dance friends Carol Louro and ValĂ©ria Alves introduced me to the sacred singer Elisabet Just this year and together we decided to work on a special interpretation of the slavic folktale of Vasalisa.  Inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estes' version in "Women Who Run With the Wolves", we dove deeply into the myth in order to bring out each woman's special artistic response.  The themes of magic, intution, and feminine initiation are recounted, sung, played and danced through a powerful alchemy of talents.

Elisabet is the director and principle singer of "Coro Cantaro", a fourteen-woman choir whose voices unite to the glory of the Goddess in Her many aspects.  Their multi-cultural repertory of sacred song is accompanied by cello, flute, piano and shamanic drums.  It's a distinct honor to work the art of the dance accompanied by the creative power of such women.

Together, we've constructed a piece of Sacred Theater in which the Arts unite at the well of sacred memory, where the legends and myths dispense their soul-healing magic.
(Raheesha Majma) "We so want you to come back to our Majma family soon!"    (Michelle Gozzi, UK) "Thank you for your fabulous workshops, Paola - so much fun, passion, and energy!"    (Sacha Newman, UK) "Paola, your workshop on the Four Elements has provided me with so much inspiration!"    (Amanda Brett, UK) "Your workshops were AMAZING! Can't wait for the e-book!"    (Kaitlyn Hines, NYC) Thank you to Paola Blanton for her amazing Balkanic Explosion workshop today! It was such a pleasure to have the music and movement broken down so clearly, and to get to know Balkan dance better. I can't wait to do more in the future!