A new level for the 5 Rhythms practice in Brazil - monthly sweats in São Paulo!

I'm super excited to have completed the 5 Rhythms Sweat Spaceholder program and to begin conducting Sweats in the cities of São Paulo (the capital) and São Sebastião.  Below is the flyer for the São Paulo sweat schedule.

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June 3-5 - Intensive Workshop with Kelly Satz from Argentina

Along with my 5 Rhythms partner Tati Figer, I am super excited to announce a new workshop with Kelly Satz from Argentina.  Kelly is a social psychologist and she brings a new, fresh approach to the 5 Rhythms through her intensive titled "Meetings & Partings" - Dancing The Letting Go Until Freedom.  In São Paulo, June 3-5 in portuguese and spanish.Image title


The Dance of Body and Soul


The visionary soul-body practice of Gabrielle Roth was a discovery that illuminated my search for healing and authenticity through dance.  It is "both workout and meditation in the same breath": purifying the body, heart, mind and soul through the healing power of the 5 Rhythms Wave.

In the 5 Rhythms, Gabrielle proposed a map through these territories of body and psyche, whose processes reflect each other in an endless exchange between matter and spirit.  She told us: "Put the body into motion, andthe psyche will heal itself."  As above, so below, as below, so above.  Our bodies hold the energetic record of our whole lief's experience, and when we move them, those energies are released so that purification can take place.

Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness - they roll through us just like a wave, a natural process mirroring the universal laws that rule all of existence. Dancing a 5 Rhythms Wave, as our practice is called, is to join the Dance of the Universe, a dance where we move beyond ourselves into the deepest quarters of Being, where the Source can renew us.

After a decade of study and five yearsproducing 5 Rhythms workshops, I have been honored to complete the 5R Sweat Spaceholder program, an initiation of the 5R teaching path that will continue the opening of Brazil to this marvelous healing practice. 

As music is a key component of the 5Rexperience, I am excited to bring the musical library I've built over my dance career into the Sweats I will be holding. My goal is to provide people with an inspiring, welcoming, non-judgmental space where the musical journey will be a catalyst for profound journeys of healing and revelation. 

(Raheesha Majma) "We so want you to come back to our Majma family soon!"    (Michelle Gozzi, UK) "Thank you for your fabulous workshops, Paola - so much fun, passion, and energy!"    (Sacha Newman, UK) "Paola, your workshop on the Four Elements has provided me with so much inspiration!"    (Amanda Brett, UK) "Your workshops were AMAZING! Can't wait for the e-book!"    (Kaitlyn Hines, NYC) Thank you to Paola Blanton for her amazing Balkanic Explosion workshop today! It was such a pleasure to have the music and movement broken down so clearly, and to get to know Balkan dance better. I can't wait to do more in the future!